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Individual Expertise

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Chief Marketing Officer

Drives company growth through innovative, data-driven marketing strategies, leveraging insights from market trends and consumer behavior to propel brand engagement and sales.

Head of Branding and Marketing
Pranav Bonigi

Leading the creation of powerful brand narratives and strategic marketing initiatives to enhance visibility and engagement. Driving innovative campaigns that resonate with target audiences and achieve business objectives.

Marketing Strategist

Strategic visionary, guides the marketing team towards industry dominance by leveraging innovative tactics and deep market insights to outpace competitors.

Marketing Strategist
Ravi Kumar

A strategic leader driving the marketing team to industry success with innovative tactics and deep market insights, outpacing competitors.

Business Development Manager
Pranay Gaddam

Business Development Manager spearheads growth strategies, cultivates partnerships, and drives revenue to elevate the company’s market presence.

SEO Specialist
Aarav Sharma

A seasoned SEO Specialist, Aarav excels in keyword research and on-page optimization, enhancing online visibility and search rankings efficiently.

SEO Specialist

Analytical and creative, enhances website visibility and ranks high on search engines through comprehensive SEO strategies and keen keyword research.

SEO Specialist
Priya Singh

Priya specializes in comprehensive SEO strategies, focusing on link-building and organic traffic growth to improve overall website performance.

Content Manager
Anjali Gupta

Leading the content team, Anjali combines innovative strategy with exceptional editorial skills to maintain high-quality content across platforms.

Content Manager

Orchestrates content creation and curation, adept at tailoring engaging material to different platforms, ensuring consistency and brand alignment.

Content Manager
Rohan Patil

Rohan’s expertise lies in trend analysis and content creation, ensuring content is both engaging and aligned with the latest market trends.

Social Media Manager
Vivek Mehta

As a dynamic manager, Vivek excels in creating and executing social media campaigns that significantly boost online presence and engagement.

Social Media Manager

Crafts and executes innovative social media strategies, fosters community engagement, and analyzes performance data to optimize brand presence.

Social Media Manager
Neha Reddy

Neha’s strength is in leveraging social media platforms to maximize brand visibility and foster active community interaction.

PPC Specialist

Maximizes ROI on pay-per-click campaigns through meticulous keyword research, ad creation, and data-driven optimization.

PPC Specialist
Manisha Bhatia

Manisha focuses on creating targeted PPC campaigns, known for her ability to finely tune ad spend for maximum efficiency and returns.

PPC Specialist
Kunal Singh

Kunal’s analytical approach to PPC management consistently leads to successful campaign outcomes and significant returns on investment.

PPC Specialist
Isha Verma

Isha combines creative ad copywriting with strategic bid management, ensuring PPC campaigns are both engaging and cost-effective.

PPC Specialist
Amit Joshi

Amit specializes in multi-platform PPC campaigns, effectively maintaining message consistency and maximizing impact across all channels.

Email Marketing Manager

Designs and implements targeted email campaigns, manages subscriber lists, and analyzes metrics to increase engagement and conversions.

Email Marketing Manager
Rahul Desai

Rahul’s innovative approach to email marketing involves creative newsletter design and effective segmentation strategies.

Data Analyst

Transforms data into insights, driving marketing strategy and decision-making through robust analysis and visualization techniques.

Web Developer
Ramakrishna Ch

Go-to guy for all things tech. Specializes in bringing creative visions to life, ensuring every project is not just functional and user-friendly, but also a masterpiece of code.

Web Developer
Shreya Malik

Shreya excels in both front-end and back-end development, delivering seamless web experiences with a focus on user interaction and functionality.

Graphic Designer
Pooja Shah

Pooja is known for her ability to create visually appealing content, bringing brand messages to life through innovative graphic design.

Graphic Designer
Nikhil Jacob

Crafts compelling visual narratives that align with strategic objectives, enhancing brand recognition and emotional impact with each campaign.

Graphic Designer

Translates concepts into striking visual designs, elevating brand messaging through creativity and visual impact across various media platforms.

Graphic Designer

Creating imagery that captivates and communicates. Passion to devise visual content that is not just appealing but also deeply resonant with our audience, reflecting the essence and ethos of our brand.

Graphic Designer
Neha Agarwal

Neha combines art and technology to produce compelling visual content, ensuring that each design supports the overall marketing strategy.

Video Producer

Craftsman behind the compelling and inspiring visuals that define brand’s identity. His Canvas is vast, filled with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, where he paints the visions of client brands.

Video Producer
Simran Kaur

Simran specializes in video storytelling, using her skills to create content that adds depth and engagement to brand narratives.

Vikram Singh

As a skilled copywriter, Vikram crafts compelling marketing copy that resonates with audiences and drives brand engagement.

Diya Banerjee

Diya excels in writing content that not only engages but also motivates the audience to take action, enhancing marketing effectiveness.

Community Manager
Ritika Sood

Ritika is dedicated to building and nurturing online communities, fostering an environment of engagement and positive interaction.

Customer Relationship Manager
Mohit Aggarwal

Mohit excels in managing customer interactions, focusing on satisfaction and building long-term relationships through excellent service.

E-Commerce Specialist

Blend of strategy, analysis, and creativity, focusing on optimizing online store’s performance and enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

Business Development Executive

Dynamic strategist with a flair for identifying and cultivating new market opportunities to drive digital marketing solutions and agency growth.

E-Commerce Expert

Expert in marketplace dynamics, excels in optimizing product listings and driving sales across various online seller platforms with a keen analytical approach.

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Social media strategist

Do you have a knack for developing data-driven social media strategies that drive engagement and growth? You’ll play a crucial role in planning, implementing, and optimizing social media campaigns.

Account manager

We’re seeking dedicated Account Managers to serve as the primary point of contact for our clients. You’ll work closely with clients to understand their goals, develop strategies, and ensure their satisfaction with our services.

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